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"I have always found her to do an excellent job of providing well-researched information. Each of her lectures have been given in a manner in which the employees responded with enthusiasm and looked forward to a return visit. Candace has excellent report with everyone she works with. She has a very pleasant personality with a good sense of humor. Anyone would enjoy working with Candace.

-Wellness Program Director at The Children's Center

“Candace is very professional and personable. She takes the time and has the patience to work with your abilities.”

– PH

“I have never met more professional, caring people than Candace and Natalie. They are truly there to assist in any way they can. It has ministered not only to my body but to my spirit.”


"Candace knows a lot but more importantly, she fosters a fun and encouraging environment. She has helped me make some hard changes that have made me stronger, leaner and happier. If you’re ready to stop wishing and take action. I recommend getting Candace on your team."


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